Shibui Knits

Comprehensive brand redesign – packaging, logo, website


The brand needed “Knits” added to the logo and an identity that portrayed more accurately the Shibui Knits values. We created a new logo which added “Knits” with three variations. We also created a small persimmon inspired Mon mark that ties into the Shibui Knits story. After choosing a strong flood of color to tie the brand and packaging together, we started calling it Shibui Teal – it’s sophisticated and subdued but still captures your attention. This ties to the meaning behind the word shibui in Japanese – timeless, simple, elegant with a touch of the unexpected

Identity projects: patterns, schematics, business cards, letterhead, Mix Cheat Sheet, thank you notes, yarn color cards, Mix Party materials


A switch to wrap tags

The hang tags used in the yarn packaging was problematic. We decided to switch to wrap tags solving the tangling and tag damage issues. It also creates a stronger brand statement when displayed on a wall in stores.

The elongated design is based on the rebranding and the Shibui Knits brand frame. Each yarn has a different diameter and therefore different technical specs. Colors and color numbers were data merged.

@callistoknits – packaging and a thank you note


From wire framing to design and content management, there’s a lot that goes into designing a website. I was in charge of initial design and defiantly the technical lead on this project. The website was Squarespace based but a lot of the functionality had to be tweaked and customized. I had the privilege of finding and working with a developer who helped with the functionality of several of the pages.

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