She Does Life Conference

Branding for women’s conference and 2018

She Does Life Brief & Logo

Women Mentoring Women Conference

The conference requested a promo card with provided image and color with She Does Life in a script typeface. The branding was expand from there to include other collateral including signage and merch. The She Does Life theme will also be used for monthly Women Mentoring Women gatherings for 2018.

Promo Card – Front
Promo Card – Back


The branding style, though cohesive, allowed for some variations. The image version was used on many of the conference promotional pieces while a more heavy graphic version was used for the note taking background, the year-long advertisement, and the outdoor banner.

The merch team preferred a simpler and more trendy style so the She Does Life merch featured a different typeface and style.

6ft by 3ft Outdoor Banner

Bringing it All to Life

Event Photos with Merch