Love Thy Neighbor

 A week long event in Vancouver, WA – branding, marketing and all those little things that make events special #swag


The Love They Neighbor camp branding doubles as a t-shirt design. The map used in the branding is of the local area. It highlights two major highways and the Columbia river. There are also a couple easter eggs in the graphic – two of the churches, and outreach locations.

The graphic was featured on promo cards, lanyards, a journal, the stage background and other collateral with the main focus being the t-shirts.


The process on this project was more collaborative then some. I worked with the family life pastor at City Harvest Church on the design and specs. He had a clear vision on some of the T-shirt specs and sizing based on what has worked in the past. He also saw the map in a series of mockups and asked to go in that direction so, major props to Ben Meckel – I know he’s proud of this design.

4.25 in Promo Cards – Front
4.25 in Promo Cards – Back

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